The Miele Sustainability Alley

Bringing Miele’s sustainable values to life


For decades, Miele has stood at the forefront of home appliance evolution. The rising need to preserve our planet, the one home we all share, has broadened Miele’s focus to sustainability. Showcasing Miele’s commitment to a sustainable future, and proving how its technology achieves this, inspired our dynamic multi-media exhibition at the world-renowned IFA tech fair.


We designed the Sustainability Alley to showcase three areas: What Miele stands for, How Miele and its partners are making a difference, and How consumers can contribute using Miele appliances.

Our goal was to create interactive experiences that fully surround the visitors. To name just a few, we portrayed real Miele consumers in short films showing how the sustainable brand values of Miele had influenced their product choice. We created animation films that explained Miele´s holistic approach to sustainability across the production process. And we designed intriguing installations and hacks around the home.


Miele´s brand ethos came fully to life. Creating an impressive canvas of what sustainability truly means to Miele. Both in principle and through the value of their resource-saving appliances.

And it’s a message that travelled well. As the world’s leading trade show for consumer and home electronics, IFA attracts about 245,000 visitors every year, of which more than 50 percent of the trade visitors come from abroad.

Demonstrating how one brand can make a difference for our future.
And inspiring visitors to do the same.

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