Escada Fragrance

Make a promise to yourself


Escada wanted to rejuvenate their brand with a new proposition that attracts millennials. The scent of fragrance existed and the ask was to create an identity and a story that empowers women to take a positive perspective off their life. We understood that millennials want to be in the driving seat of their life, to stay in touch with their emotions, enjoy new ones and never seek to experience the unexpected.


“Celebrate N.O.W.” is an invitation to millennials to honour and cherish the present. To enjoy the life’s experiences and be more conscious of their own fortune. Our campaign is more than a fragrance: It's an attitude, a promise and a path to a happier life.

We worked with Sofi Fahrman to ensure we can create a relevant content universe with her as our spokesperson. As journalist, beauty-blogger and author of several books, Sofi is all about women-power and has published several books coaching women to take a positive outlook on their life.

Agency // Select World
Photographer // Will Davidson
DOP // Matthew J Smith

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